NEW VIDEO: My Fall Morning Routine (parody)

Hi everyone! It’s been one heckuva year, hasn’t it?! We’re still sorta in lock down here in Los Angeles so I’ve been using my time to create some awesome stuff to share with you.

If you click the top image, you’ll head over to an all new sketch! I have a few more ideas for these during the holiday season, so your likes/watches will really help me know if it’s a good idea to keep making them. 🙂

The second image is a link to the Classic Alice Commentaries, which I think you’ll love. The most recent video is here!

I’m revisiting the ENTIRE series and rereleasing on our old schedule — Tuesdays and Thursdays. Patrons get to see the videos in advance, but everyone will get them on a weekly schedule.

The third image is a link to a popular blog post — How to Help Creators During Covid.  But while you’re on the blog, I invite you to join my Creative Writing Prompt Project, which I update 3 times a month, weekly, on Fridays. It’s been really fun and fulfilling crafting those prompts, so I hope you join us!

As always, I hope you’re doing well. Please enjoy the stuff I’m making and don’t be a stranger! <3

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