Helping Creators During Covid

As I’ve realized that it just doesn’t look like there will be ANY acting income this year, I’ve been spending a lot of time developing my day job and promoting stuff for Patrons + YouTube. That means more, new content, sharper lessons with new tools for my tutoring students, and a tornado of writing. Here’s where I need your help.

Every like, every subscribe, and every WATCH helps tremendously. It pushes my content up the crazy internet algorithm, which means a bigger chance of more eyeballs on my work. Here are five free things you can do right now that won’t cost you a dime:

  1. Like + watch every video I publish on (usually Tuesdays!)
  2. SHARE every video on your social media feeds.
  3. Say hi! Write COMMENTS on my Instagram posts, on the YouTube videos, wherever! Engagement is really important. Ask me questions, give me ideas for posts + videos.
  4. Subscribe + CLICK THE BELL while you’re there!
  5. Like + follow + share content from and –> this is my day job & the main way I pay my bills right now. If you have kids / know people with kids, PLEASE pass my info along!

These things REALLY, REALLY help.

And if you have a few coins to spare every month, I have two options. You can join in for as little as a buck a month ($12 for a year!) or as much as you feel my content is worth.

  1. –> this is MY platform, which means more of the money goes to me and not to a third party.
  3. My Venmo is @HackettKate, if that floats your boat.

I know this is a tricky time for everyone; I hope that by releasing the CA commentaries and a few new sketches, I can help make your day a little happier. Thank you for sticking around and for sharing, liking, and supporting my work.

(PS: New video launched today! We dive into season 2, Pygmalion, on Tuesday!)

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