The Work

What’re you working on next?

Right now I’m working on a series of sketches released monthly on YouTube and an audio-project with Kris Simeon. I also have a more traditional sitcom pilot that I’m floating around town and am always working on writing something new!

So much of this job is waiting and hoping for someone to cast me, so there’s a little bit of that too! Auditions, auditions! If you want to know more about what I’m working on, I get far more detailed with my patrons.

What is Patronage?

Patronage is my very own hosted community right here on this site. It’s very similar to other crowdfunding sites, such as Patreon; you get increased access to both me personally and to the projects I’m working on. To learn more or to join me, visit katehackett.com/patronage — I’d love to have you!

I’m a Patron! How do I find the perks?

Easy! Just visit the page associated with your level: Welcome Aboard // Behind the Scenes // Beta Tester // Writer’s Workshop // Producer // Unicorn

Will we ever see more of Alice and the gang?

I love the way our story ended. I think to show you more of their lives would cheapen the show, but I love that you guys keep hoping!

What gear do you use?

You can check out all of my gear – from writing to production and beyond – here.

Filmmaking & Acting: General

How can I get started as a writer/director/actor/filmmaker?

There is absolutely no one way to start. There is no entry point that is better or more likely to work than any other and anyone telling you that THIS is the way to get started is probably selling you something. But if you aren’t actually DOING any filmmaking (or writing or acting or whatever), that’s really a good place to begin. I personally marched myself to the Boston Public Library my first day of college, checked out EVERY book on film and acting for film they had, and read them all. Then, I did student films and television before making the move to Los Angeles.

Do I have to be in Los Angeles?

It certainly helps. And eventually the answer will probably be yes. That said, there are some amazing career opportunities in other film markets, especially for “below the line” work, so you may well be able to stay near Atlanta, Toronto, New York, London…

What “method” are you?

I’m “whatever the fuck works” method. Some roles require in depth preparation and deep immersion. Other roles are just a skip away from me and come very easily. 

Filmmaking & Acting: Feminism

Is Hollywood really awful about (sexism/ageism/racism/weight/looks/whatever)?

I’ve never worked in another field so I hesitate to evaluate whether it’s better or worse than any other industry, but the reality is that this IS a very looks-based industry (especially in front of the camera). There will be roles I won’t book because of my looks. You have to have a thick skin about that. I, personally, have yet to encounter “evil casting director” stereotypes or super skeezy behavior.

Of course, there’s a big difference between having a thick skin about the realities of this business and letting people walk all over you, and I talk a lot about all of this in my #FemaleFilmmakerFriday series.

Do you have any resources for women in the industry?

You bet! Check out #FemaleFilmmakerFriday.

Website & Blog

How can I subscribe?

Just fill out this info and enjoy weekly updates! www.sendfox.com/katehackett … Or fill this out here:

Who designed your site?

A wonderful friend named Rammi developed it and I was troubleshot significantly by George Kalantzis.

Can I suggest a blog topic?

Absolutely! Patrons do get first ‘dibs’ on subjects, but I welcome all questions about the industry — get in touch with me via the contact page — there’s a form at the bottom!


Where are you from?

I grew up in Maryland and went to college from Boston, but my dad is a New Yorker so I’m a hard core Yankee fan!

What did you study in college?

I was a history major! You can read more about my acting journey here, but long story short: I studied history because it was “practical” (and I had enough credits to graduate VERY early) while I did student films and independent television in Boston. I love my dorky history degree though and wouldn’t trade it for the world; how many other actresses can debate the long-term effects of the War of the Roses?

Wait. History major? Like the history majors in Classic Alice’s retelling of Macbeth?

Nobody listens to us! We know everything!!

What’s your favorite book?

Nabakov’s Lolita. 

What pets do you have?

I have one dog and two cats.