Kate Hackett

Actor, Writer, Producer

Kate Hackett

Actor, Writer, Producer

Kate Hackett
Kate is creating an inside account of an acting and writing career.

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About Kate Hackett

Hi! I’m Kate Hackett! Maybe you already know me from Classic Alice, Kate & Joe, Social Medium, Real Rob, Amazon’s Not a Plan, The Long Dig, or somewhere else. I’ve been working in the entertainment industry both as an actor and a writer / creator for many years now. Creating well-produced content is a full time job and I would love to make MORE shows and films. Patrons are my inner circle, my team, and they get to see every shade of a career in this industry — from the exciting highs to the frustrating lows. Auditions, photoshoots, BTS images, you guys are part of the pack.

Creating. World-building. Performing.

I have always wanted to be an actor and storyteller. Producing came naturally — I wanted to bring those stories I created to life — and these are all things I can do… with you!


New Photoshoot with Patreon Exclusive Shots!

Once we hit our next goal, I’m going to put together a patron-funded photoshoot! I would play multiple characters, so an all day shoot, featuring some of your (and my) favorites from iconic TV & film roles. Hitting this goal would permit me to pay people to make this happen — hair & make up for the day, the photographer/editor, and most importantly, a costumer!

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Kate Hackett

Patron Q&A #1!

Time to answer YOUR questions — for the very first time. We hit on some Classic Alice stuff, some work/life balance stuff, and a few things in between.

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Kate Hackett

“Lost” Scene Comparison

Over the last year or so, I have been releasing full read-throughs of my very first feature film to my Producers. We read my very first draft, which was a hot mess, and then my very second draft, which was a like, warm, mess. Eventually things won’t be so messy.

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Kate Hackett

February 2023 Patron Update

Hello, everyone! I know we pretty recently had the massive update to the site and Patron perks, but it’s time for another one to hit your inboxes. I hope you guys had a swell February; mine was kept pretty busy working on things behind the scenes and on projects that haven’t really been pushed into the limelight yet. It felt like a very slow month for the industry (weirdly, inexplicably), so I wanted to make sure I used the time wisely. Hence, the very restructured perks and page!

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Kate Hackett

‘Tis The Season

Dearest Friend, Well, okay, no, it’s absolutely not the season whatsoever. It’s not the holidays, it’s not even the start of the year; it just seems as good a time

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