🧪 You become a beta tester for writing scripts too! You see early work and how it changes.
📼 Access to voting & viewing rights for Patron-exclusive audition-style scenes/monologues/songs. Each month, I’ll put something YOU’VE chosen on camera and upload it for you!

As with all tiers, your support is a gift and you have my undying gratitude. 


I’m Kate Hackett! Maybe you already know me from #FemaleFilmmakerFriday posts on my blog… Or maybe you just think my dog is super cute. Whatever! I am an actor in Los Angeles who also writes, creates, and produces and I would love to make MORE shows and films. I’m thrilled you want to help contribute.

As much fun as it is to just squeeze my eyes closed & wish reeeeeally hard for a money fairy to tumble out of the sky, I’d much rather be building worlds, weaving words, and filming movies for all of you to enjoy.

When you join me, I use your contribution to pay for headshots, web hosting, classes, workshops, festival submissions, productions, and the oodles of other ways I work really hard to get better and better at this job. No, stop, everyone can always learn and grow, I have plenty of room for improvement, hush.

As for YOU, becoming a sponsor gives you access to me and the creative process — I look forward to hearing from my Patrons for inspiration and for help fleshing things out.

Creating. World-building. Performing.
I have always wanted to be an actor and storyteller. Producing came naturally — I wanted to bring those stories I created to life — and these are all things I can do… with you!

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