Fighting Your Insurance

This is not industry-related at all but I’ve had a fair few questions about how I fought my insurance company and won — twice — by using all my Karen energy for good. So, I figured I’d jot it down in one easy place & share the link far and wide! A lot of people […]

What is Joining Patronage Like? | Your Questions, Bonus Day!

Appreciate your transparency and vulnerability (in this post). Would love to know the terms & onboarding of your own “patron system”. Sure thing! First, the link to the Patronage page so you can kind of follow along: I have two videos that offer a little guided tour and explain exactly what it is and […]

What Else Would You Be? | Your Questions, Day 30 of 30

First, thank you so much for coming along with me on these 30 days of Questions! I had a blast answering all of these and I’m sure I’ll do it again — but for now, your final question. We’ll get back to a more regular posting schedule with #FemaleFilmmakerFriday posts after the break. See you […]

When is it Over? | Your Questions, Day 29 of 30

How do you know when a story’s finished, when to walk away? You mentioned many times that Classic Alice was ‘done’ and I was just wondering … how do you know? I think this is one of the trickiest things a TV writer has to learn. TV rewards (still, somehow, despite it being a radically […]

What Happens when You Lose Patrons? | Your Questions, Day 28 of 30

I assume your patreon and Patronage supporters wax and wane. I know what happens (from your whole Patronage page) when we join. What happens when someone leaves? To me? or to you? To the person leaving, I send a quick email thanking him or her for the support and I ask if there’s anything I […]

What Would You Like to Play? | Your Questions, Day 27 of 30

What would be your favorite role to play? What kinds of roles do you really enjoy? This changes! I don’t like playing just one thing, so I bounce around — sometimes I love playing in comedy worlds, other times I want to work on dramas. Things that come easy (that ‘girl next door’ or quirky […]

What are Finances like for an Actor? | Your Questions, Day 26 of 30

You’ve mentioned your day job. Do all actors have those? What do your finances look like generally? I’m not going to paint a picture of ALL of my finances for you, but generally speaking: I do have a day job! I tutor (pretty much any subject, but the ACT/SAT tests are big ones). I try […]

What are your New Year's Resolutions? | Your Questions, Day 25 of 30

Oh, here we go. New Year’s Resolutions are stupid. I never do them. “This is your year!” is such bullshit. But I do reflect and try to make changes every month, so technically I guess these are “new things for 2020” in addition to just being… new things for January. So here are the things […]

What are You Looking Forward to? | Your Questions, Day 24 of 30

It’s almost the start of a new year! What’s on your plate for 2020 and what are you excited about? I think I’m most excited to finally get The Long Dig OUT THERE. It’ll be coming in mid Jan 2020 or so; we’re launching with Shark Party Media and letting them run our PR campaign […]

What was Your First Performance? | Your Questions, Day 23 of 30

Do you remember your very first performance? When was it? Yes. I was …two? three? And my grandparents had a stairway with a small landing that looked onto their living room. I called it my ‘little stage’ and treated — TREATED — my family to countless renditions of The Itsy Bitsy Spider, whatever that one […]