So, what’s your type?

Every actor will tell you she can play anything — and sure, I can! But I usually find myself playing women who are smartfunnycute, and ambitious. I can sarcass the sassafras outta you, but you’d also (and this is something a director once said to me) “care when [I] cry.”

So think smart comedies with hearts of gold (anything Michael Schur, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, girl-next-door) and prestige dramas (I’m waiting for your call, Vince Gilligan).




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Performance Art: Soprano I/II, classically trained singer, Opera, basic violin & fiddle, basic piano, accents
Sports & Movement: USS Swimmer (all strokes), advanced horseback riding, basic dance, basic bicycling
Fun Stuff: Photography, Cooking, Baking, Archeology
Social Media: Transmedia, Verified Twitter, Verified Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr
Other: Green screen, Teleprompter, Driver’s license, VALID PASSPORT
Local Hire: Los Angeles, New York/New Jersey, Maryland, East Coast, Georgia, Austin, Dallas


Classic Alice: SNOBBYROBOT best actress nominee, HOLLYWEB FESTIVAL selection (and more) / 2mil+ Views
Not a Plan: ITVFEST selection
Kate & Joe and Partners in Pretension:Hollyweb Festival Selection
Attic: SoCal Independent Fest
The Babysitter: Block Island Film Festival Selection .
Vocals: NATS State & Regional Competitions – Superior ratings for musicals and classical


Ongoing Master Class

The BGB Studio / Risa Bramon Garcia

UCB LA (401)

Rodgers, Cordero, Spence, Leffingwell


Studio A / Pat Skipper / L.A.

Atwater Playhouse

Jamie Paloinetti LA


John Rosenfeld / L.A.

Theatre Group Studio

Lorinne Vozoff / L.A.

Meisner Technique

Wayne Dvorak. L.A.

Commercial Callbacks

Killian McHugh / L.A.

Audition Technique

David & Shanelle Gray

Boston University

Jan Egleson. Boston

Master Class

Shari Shaw, Studio City


Dr. Joanne Mead

About Kate

Kate Hackett is an actor in Los Angeles, California best known for her award-winning Amazon series Classic Alice, which she also wrote and produced! Kate has been acting since she was four years old, happily joining musicals and straight plays in Washington D.C. until she reached Boston University for college. There and beyond, Kate has worked on many independent films, commercials, television, and has produced, starred in, and written her own productions.

Possessing a quick wit and an ability to dig deep emotionally, she is fully trained in the Stanislavski, Adler, and Meisner techniques (see resume for schools). She has both studied and performed at The Upright Citizen’s Brigade in Los Angeles and with Jackson’s Onus and The Show That Must Not Be Named, a Harry Potter improv team. Kate loves comedic acting but is also very well versed in drama and loves stretching her range. She believes strongly in writing and creating her own material, so there’s always something new just around the corner!

Kate Hackett: cat owner. book lover. pie eater.​

Hey there! Now that the Very Serious formal bio is out of the way… I’ve been acting since I was 4 years old, trained alongside Emerson students in Boston and the bigwigs out in L.A., and am currently working in both traditional media (think: TV! film!) and new (digital series). Along the way, I majored in history and am about as nerdy as you’d expect that kind of person to be. If you’ve ever worried about an actor getting hammered before a shoot, worry no more: I’m about as wild as you’d expect from someone who thinks the English Civil War is kind of hilarious (I mean, Charles II! stop dissolving Parliament!! What are you dooooing?!). I also read like books are going out of style; you can follow me on Goodreads if you want to see what’s on my shelf (let’s geek out!). I’m also very active on Twitter and am mildly horrified to also have a Wikipedia page.

I think that the hallmark of a great artist is someone who is eternally curious; I foster that curiosity by trying to learn all I can about the world around me. And when I love something, I love it. I throw myself in – all in – and that’s what I’ve done in my work on screen. When I realized I wanted to be in film & television, I marched to the Boston Public Library’s main branch, checked out every. single. book. on screen acting that they had, then carted them all back to my dorm room and read. A lot. Then I got myself on sets where I could learn from fellow students and professionals; to wit, I was the youngest member of a soap opera that aired in Boston. Ever.

Since that first self-taught foray into film acting, I’ve studied serious techniques (Stanislavski! Adler! Meisner! John Rosenfeld! Schmancy Names!) and I’ve studied the “fun stuff” (UCB! improv troupes! sketches!). I can shift from beat to beat, moment to moment, in a comedy and I can find the reality – and the humor – within drama while staying out of my own way.

Currently, I live in Los Angeles with some idiot cats, a dog with an unpronounceable name, a few foster kittens (shout out to the Pasadena Humane Society!), and so many books that I store Harry Potter on my kitchen shelves.