I have always been a writer; I think all writers will tell you that. In elementary school, I wrote books — two of which ended up in the local branch of my county library. In middle school, I wrote plays for my local community theater. In college, I wrote dissertations to fulfill my history major and stories to fulfill my creativity. And after college, I realized that I have a powerful tool to move my career forward in the entertainment industry: I write, I act, and I produce. So I started writing sketch comedy which gave way to a mammoth set of productions to create two feature-film-length seasons of Amazon’s Classic Alice, after which I returned to my sketch roots to create Not a Plan, also streaming on Amazon, and followed that up with a traditional sitcom pilot. Not content with so much comedy, I co-write The Long Dig, a scifi dramatic short film, which I subsequently produced. I’m excited to continue to build worlds, shape characters, and create stories with a voice that is underrepresented in the industry.

You may view a resume here.

Current Samples

Classic Alice is a fully produced 117-episode digital series available for purchase or on Amazon or YouTube. After receiving a bad grade on an essay, Alice Rackham (Kate Hackett) decides to live her life according to different novels. At times comic, heartbreaking, and ridiculous, Alice learns about herself and others all through reading and living classic literature. She is joined in her adventures by her filmmaking friend Andrew (Tony Noto) and roommate Cara (Elise Cantu).

Dog Park is a half-hour dramedy/sitcom about a type A planner bride-to-be who is dumped just a few weeks away from the wedding. …And he leaves her with his puppy; now she has to learn to adapt to being a “single dog mom”, and what better place to do that than in the company of some real neurotic weirdos at the dog park.

WeScreenplay Says… 10/10 Recommended. “You have a great script! The whole thing worked. Your dialogue was great and flowed really nicely from scene to scene. Each character had their own voice. It was very easy to read… Your action descriptions and dialogue worked well together. You painted a clear picture for me while reading.”

Slamdance Says… “The writer’s voice is very distinct and adds a wonderful tonal quality to the script. Niamh is a charming and relatable character, and the character descriptions are good and offer enough to set the stage for who they are.”

The Long Dig is a fully produced fifteen minute scifi backdoor pilot / standalone short film. Set within the darkest Mist, a technology-destroying post-apocalyptic remnant of an old war that has shattered civilization, Eve scours decaying old ruins for preserved Antenoch technology. She and her ragtag team struggle to survive through their desperate desire to return home.

Not a Plan is a produced half hour digital mini-series. If Ann and Ben don’t stop accidentally ruining each others’ birthdays, they’re not going to be best friends much longer. A joint party sounds like the natural solution, but that requires planning, and that brings up a whole host of issues and insecurities as Ann and Ben confront the fact that their lives aren’t exactly what they expected as they hurtle toward 30. 

The Blog

Under the #FemaleFilmmakerFriday banner, I write regular posts  about working in the industry as a woman. I use Patronage to help supplement my income so that I may continue to write. There, I provide bonus blog posts about filmmaking, my creative journey, and more.

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