What are you BAD at? | Your Questions, Day 15 of 30

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You’ve blogged about what you’re really good at so… I’m wondering: what do you think you’re really BAD at?

As a creative or as a human being on this earth?

Actually, before I answer either (or both): I’m not BAD at anything. Neither are you! Some things are harder for me than others, but I try to avoid saying I’m BAD at something because it feels really defeatist to me. I don’t let my students say “Oh I’m so bad at math”, I don’t let myself do it either.

But — here are some things that are more effort for me:

I have a tendency to judge my material. Because I write, I know what good writing is. Because I am a human walking this earth, I know how people talk. And when those things aren’t up to my snuff in a script, I get really pissy about it. I want to fix it. I combat this by saying: yeah, it’s bad. Let’s find things that make it feel less bad. …it doesn’t always work. I crashed & burned in a scene for class last night because I could not find love for that scene. And that sucks but that also has to be okay because it’s going to happen.

me, losing my mind last night.

I’m not as good at listening as I wish I was. I can be, it’s in there, but I also have a tendency to mentally clock out when I understand what people are telling me. I assess situations quickly and want to offer a solution and move on. Sometimes that’s great. But sometimes it’s important to just let people talk.

I can be a little self-isolating. I like me! I like spending time with me. I don’t need socialization the way some people do — but in this job, where networking is important, that’s a weakness. To that end, networking kills me. My personal hell is going to events where people ask “so what are you working on” because I don’t want to fucking talk about that. I just spent all day doing it, why would I want –SLKDJFlskdjf.

I cannot suffer fools. There are a lot of fools on this planet.

and I do not yet have the ability to hide my inability to suffer said fools. You can see it all over my face.

I am sure these are not my only weaknesses. But my dog is staring at me waiting for her run so…

2 thoughts on “What are you BAD at? | Your Questions, Day 15 of 30

  1. I am bad at giving myself motivation and passion. I always decide to do something but after a few days i even don’t remember about it. I know i can do anything if i want but problem is i do not know what i want. Any ideas how to fix?

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