What's an L.A. myth that just isn't true? | Your Questions, Day 16 of 30

Los Angeles has a certain “reputation”. Are any of the myths out there untrue?

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I think the most aggrieving myth is the one that says everyone in Los Angeles is a moron, fake, and just looking to be famous. That has not been my experience whatsoever; in fact, almost annoyingly so because not only are my actor friends gorgeous, they’re also emotionally brilliant and have a thirst for learning that I adore. So fuck you, friends.

The reason people are fake here is because art is so insanely subjective, you never know if that person you thought was a terrible actor will the right director and be famous TOMORROW. Do you want to be the person who stomped all over her dream? No. But friendships aren’t fake here; I’ve had friends rush to hang out with me after major sadnesses and I’ve had friends jump to participate in my happiness. I have more good, stable, close friendships here than I think I have ever had.

I trade book recommendations with Sarah and Dana, wine with Reid Cox, work with Kelvin and my entire team of actors in class, and I have shared so much with my best friend in the entire world, Nina. There are more people, I have an amazing little nest here who all deserves that fame we don’t chase (except Nina. She’d hate it. and she’s not INDUSTRY industry).

That’s another thing: the good people? Not the good artists, the good PEOPLE, are invested in this job because it fulfills them — even if it’s not “working”. They explore it, they find new things to love, they find new things to hate. They’re whole. Fame doesn’t make them anything because they’re already wonderful.

I think the east side is a better environment for people who want the ground under their feet a little: all of my friends live on this side. Which isn’t to say the west side is full of monsters, but there’s a different culture in this section of Los Angeles. And it’s the one I love.

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