What is giving foster kittens back like? | Your Questions, Day 14 of 30

I know you foster kittens and it seems so hard! What is it like when you have to give the fosters back?

Well. First. I failed:

My failure.

So — yeah, it’s pretty hard. BUT. I’ve only failed once and I have had eight litters of 1-3 kittens. In fact, I had to give two back this morning and it kind of sucked! I was sad to see them go. I think that’s kind of it: you’re always sad to see them go, but you KNOW that someone is going to give these buggers a great home. I miss having the presence in the house, but I also have my own little guys and I love them too.

You definitely fall in love with the kittens — I snuggle and kiss and play with them for several weeks, how could I not? But they aren’t quite a part of your soul the way YOUR pet is. It’s really hard to articulate! I really love fostering; a lot of people say they couldn’t do it because they couldn’t give the cats back but… You can. You definitely can. There’s just something different about it and it’s so worth doing.

And if you DO fail, what’s the worst that happens? You keep a kitten? oh no. oh. oh no.

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