What are your New Year's Resolutions? | Your Questions, Day 25 of 30

Oh, here we go.

New Year’s Resolutions are stupid. I never do them. “This is your year!” is such bullshit.

But I do reflect and try to make changes every month, so technically I guess these are “new things for 2020” in addition to just being… new things for January.

So here are the things I’m experimenting with this year– and if you’d like me to keep kind of a running diary of how these things go, drop me a note here or on Discord.

  • No spend month …and maybe a year. I’d like to move away from consumer culture & focus on experiences rather than THINGS while seeing how much fun I can have without spending a lot of money.
    • Necessities (bills, car, housing, emergency repairs, food) all exempt
    • New household and personal items ONLY when I run out (makeup, cleaning supplies, moisturizer, hair products, etc.)
    • Things for my physical & mental health are exempt (doctor visits, workout classes, etc.)
    • Necessary business expenses for day job or for acting/writing exempt
    • Enriching experiences exempt, within reason.
    • Things I will NOT be spending money on for at least January –> pet toys & treats, pet daycare/walks, books, games, eating out, movies, clothes, household purchases, decor; basically nothing superfluous.
  • Social Media freezes. My goal is to spark more human contact and see people more than “see” them online.
    • At least one week a month, 100% off all social media.
  • Do something you’re bad at
    • Maybe a dance class?
  • Listen to my body while still challenging myself. This has been a struggle. Because I have this chronic migraine situation, it’s hard to know when to take it easy or when to push through. Or when I’m just… being lazy. I’m working on figuring out that balance.

And then my goals for the — I guess year. Whatever.

  • Health
    • finish Couch to 5 K, then do 5k to 10k!
    • pilates 2x/week
    • find a healthy balance to food
    • use headspace all year!
  • Career
    • shoot. more. stuff.
      • I want to develop a reinvestment plan to funnel money into things I want to make while still, you know, living my life and not going broke.
      • write more!
      • find a solid team to produce things with
  • Financial (see no spend above)
  • Leisure (see thing I’m bad at above)
  • Relationships (see social freeze)
    • host more table read dinners
    • say yes to more invites

3 thoughts on “What are your New Year's Resolutions? | Your Questions, Day 25 of 30

  1. I have never been a fan of making New Year’s Resolutions either. I guess they are meant for people to reflect and to use the resolution part to hold themselves accountable, but the number of comments people make about breaking them quickly makes me wonder how effective that really is.

      1. Without rules there is chaos. I completely agree. I knew a guy who had an actual list that he carried in his wallet, but ultimately backed off of most of them.

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