What are You Looking Forward to? | Your Questions, Day 24 of 30

It’s almost the start of a new year! What’s on your plate for 2020 and what are you excited about?


I think I’m most excited to finally get The Long Dig OUT THERE. It’ll be coming in mid Jan 2020 or so; we’re launching with Shark Party Media and letting them run our PR campaign for us. If you’d like some digital goodies to show off before you watch it, join the other amazing folks on my Patronage and nab your welcome kit. Any amount!

I had a really strong year for auditions last year, so I’m looking forward to keeping that up. And booking. Always the goal. I’ve also got a big ol list of New Year’s …ugh, not resolutions because I hate that, but. Goals. Anyway, that’s coming for you pretty soon so just keep an eye out.

Today is actually my favorite day of the entire year, so right now? I’m looking forward to a nice night with my dog and cats, some friends, and lots of presents under a tree.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

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