March Patron Calendar

Hello patrons! Here’s a look at what you can expect this month…

The Audition Vault gets a new release on Wednesday, March 13th at 11am (for $8+ patrons).

My Candid Career Vlog will go out on Tuesday, March 26th at 11am and that’s for $15+ patrons.

The Patron Q&A will go out on March 21st at 11am (for $50+ patrons). Get your questions in before March 18th!

One on one hangs will likely be at the end of the month, subject to conversation on our private Discord. If you aren’t a member of the Discord group & should be, let me know and we’ll sort it! ($100+ Patrons only).

All times are in Pacific and may be subject to some change or shuffling.

Let’s revisit February’s posts too…

Patron Q&A #9! (Movie Stars+)
Candid Career Vlog #9! (Guest Stars+)
February 2024 Patron Update (All Patrons)

Just a reminder to all Patrons to make sure you have all your perks and all access to everywhere you can find me – including the Patron discord, Instagram, etc. You can check your perks anytime by visiting here.

See you soon!

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