‘Tis The Season

Dearest Friend,

Well, okay, no, it’s absolutely not the season whatsoever. It’s not the holidays, it’s not even the start of the year; it just seems as good a time as any to sit down and get cozy and inspired and full of reflection about this page and where I want it to go, what I want it to be.

Patreon and Patronage have both been an invaluable tool to let me connect with my audience and offer exclusive content and perks in exchange for your support. As such, it’s important to me to periodically experiment and retool what I offer to make sure things stay exciting.

First, I’ve introduced a new Movie Star option that grants you access to exclusive Q&As as well as a cameo-style personal video message just for you (or a friend) each month. Ever wanted to have Alice as a Cameo? or just a hi from me? Now you can!

Next, every single tier has new and improved offerings – so take a look!

Network Owner – Name your price

A great option for anyone who doesn’t care so much about the perks — name your price, from $1 to $100 bazillion*.

Background – $3

👋 Enjoy monthly written updates!

🐝 Access to the private Discord server and my Patron-exclusive Instagram where I will host lives, show life behind the scenes, and more.

Co-Stars – $8

📼Unlock the Audition Vault, where I post real tapes that I’ve made for past auditions.

📚Access to my Classic Alice Commentaries – the inside scoop on making Classic Alice, available only to my patrons.

Guest Stars – $15

🎞️ Access to a monthly vlog where I’ll really open up about what’s going on in the industry and my career.I have SO many things I’d love to share with more candor, but have to keep a little closer to the vest. Things like auditions, networks, body image, actor life, and specifics that I only want to share with my nearest & dearest.

Series Regulars – $25 

🧪Help shape my work by beta testing my productions! You get a password-protected rough cut for work I create. I’ll ask for your feedback and if you choose to participate, your name will appear in the credits.

🔖 Invitation to my back-catalogue of Table Read Nights & Workshops, where friends and I play with new material and projects.

Movie Stars – $50

❔ Your Questions, my Answers! Once a month I’ll sit down and answer some of your pressing questions about the biz or my career. You’re welcome to ask anonymously or not!

😍 A personalized video message for you or a friend — ever wanted a Cameo from Alice or just a howdy-do from me? Now’s your chance!

Producers – $100

🤙 Hangout with me! Every month we will schedule a time for a private 20 minute chat about whatever you like. It is personal and awesome! Talk about the biz, the cats, you, me, Bryers vs Dryers (I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS), video games, or whatever.

🎤 Access to my Patron-exclusive Podcast as I read through drafts of my very first feature film. See how things change, grow, and evolve over the course of the writing process.

🤓 Come run lines with me. When I have auditions to prep, we’ll schedule a call and review material. Please see http://bit.ly/runlineskate

I am so excited to offer these new perks and tiers to my patrons and I hope you’ll find something that suits you. As always, I am grateful for your support and can’t wait to share all my exclusive content with you.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Questions? Raves? Rants? Hit me up, as always, over on the Discord.



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