You’re Invited To A Classic Alice Watch Party

You’re invited!

Come re-watch Classic Alice with me and all our friends — we’re going to start on October 8th at 2pm Pacific with good ol’ episode 1! It’s free for everyone. That’s THIS Saturday!

If you are familiar with Classic Alice, you may remember that each arc ran in “books” — some longer than others. The original idea was that each book’s release would correspond with a reading time if you wanted to read the novel along with Alice. When we do our rewatch, we’re going to start with Crime & Punishment. Each watch after, we’ll add another book (or sometimes 2).

I’m opening the Crime & Punishment watch up to anyone & everyone who would like to join us in the spirit of our original YouTube release structure (we shot C&P, released it, and THEN ran our crowd funders). Pygmalion through Christmas Carol will be open to Patrons of the Welcome Aboard tier and above ($3+). My plan now is to keep the second season to the Welcome Aboard tier, but if things are getting popular, I may bump us up. If it’s absolutely dead, we may have to cancel the project altogether. We’ll see!

So how do you get in on this? I’ve created a CA Watch Party calendar so you can track all our events –

We will start promptly at 2:15pm Pacific. The event also houses the link, but you can also access it here:

Subsequent viewings will be on the calendar, but the links will only be available via my Patronage page, Patreon, or in the private Discord chat for patrons.


Cameras on or off?

Whatever you want. I’m sure many people will leave them off.

Do I have to talk?

Nope! You can quietly watch along.

Can I ask questions via a chat box?

Yes! One of the things I like about this platform is that it offers video, text, and voice chat options.

What if I miss a week?

Join us for the next one! You can ask questions about the previous week before we start – I’ll make sure to set aside some time at the top of each session.

How do I invite my friends?

Share the Google Calendar with them & toss them the links!

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