VIDEO: Reboot (and sundries)

Newest Sketch

I’m back on sketches with sound after spending a bit of time doing MOS work.

MOS is some fancy Hollywood jargon for “without sound” of somewhat dubious origin. I needed a lighter load for filming because of my broken foot & some day-job-related hijinks (it was so busy!) so I chose to do two shorter pieces that would eliminate the need to record audio.

But no more! Here we have dialogue again — please enjoy (and if you’re on this mailing list and currently creating a reboot, this is definitely not about your reboot, I’m sure it’s amazing, and yes I’m super available.)

Thank you so much for watching — your likes, follows, and shares are what make or break these kinds of things and it really means a lot that you’re engaging. I’m having a blast learning how to shoot myself and edit; I hope you’re enjoying the end results!

What I’m Into

I bought myself a Kindle. Yes. I did. It was time — I have absolutely zero space in my home — and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how snappy they are now! I held out for a LONG time and while I’ll always prefer the tactile feel of real books, I love being able to nab titles from the library so easily.

My current read is The Mercies and I’m really enjoying it. It’s already sent me Googling different cultures and time periods, which is my favorite thing about reading; I love being exposed to new worlds and then diving deeper into them.


I also packed up my car and took my pup camping …during a heat wave. Whoops. While it wasn’t the relaxing full-week away I expected (we bailed after 2 nights), it did help to get out of town for a moment after being stuck here for over a year.

While I was there, I got to spend a lot of time just being open to new ideas, new stories. I think we all really need breaks and time away to find creative moves …and especially after 2020. I was feeling so incredibly stuck before this trip; there was just so much SAME-ness in my world. The same house, the same schedule of nothing, the same, same, same. Moving myself to a different location and being in nature seemed to unlock something that I needed.

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