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Thank you so much for watching — your likes, follows, and shares are what make or break these kinds of things and it really means a lot that you’re engaging. I’m having a blast learning how to shoot myself and edit; I hope you’re enjoying the end results!

Please enjoy my hatred of USB cables… We’ve all done this, right??

For the last few months, I’ve had to keep the shoots a little lighter because of my broken foot; they’re short, simple set ups. I tried to challenge myself a little by creating a storyboard for myself to follow on shoot-day. I learned a few things: one, I’m a terrible storyboard artist. Like, just truly atrocious. And two, it’s useful when I’m dealing with “complicated” montage-style situations. I find it very hard to completely and accurately visualize the beats of a montage because they move so fast. With comedy, everything is timing and you aren’t necessarily shooting the correct time in camera. That comes later, in edits. So what you think isn’t working on the page or in the moment actually comes together great and it’s smart to have a buffer of a few seconds just in case.

I also will never, ever get tired of lighting special effects done via post. And THIS has been an actual life changer.

What I’m Into

  • Right now, I’m reading Book 3 of The Kings Dragon Series. I’m enjoying this fantasy series, but beware: it is long. You’re in for a 7 book commitment. That said, at least it’s …done. cough cough, looking at you GRRM. I could personally do without some of the eye-roll-y romance stuff, but I know a lot of readers like that.
  • Right now, I’m listening to You Must Remember This, a podcast about the first century of Hollywood. A thought that has continuously circled around in my mind while listening is how very cyclical this town really is — we have the same movie stars over and over again: Jimmy Stewart, Tom Hanks; Clark Gable, George Clooney. But while that seems to be easy to digest for the men because they get to play heroes or parts with meat to them, women kind of get the shaft. We do the same thing, try to “typecast” a new generation of actresses onto the old, but now women are pushing for characters who are created thoughtfully, who are written intelligently and deeply, and for a long time… We didn’t have a lot of that. Which means that now we can’t just photocopy our new “blonde bimbo” over the old because the actual role is outdated. Just sort of made me think – I don’t know that I have a solution or anything.
  • I have been fostering kittens for two years now and this is the first time I’ve ever facilitated an adoption between a friend and the Pasadena Humane Society. I have been absolutely thrilled that I was able to do that and it’s filled me with such warm fuzzies the past few weeks!

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