Creative Writing Prompt Project: Prompt 10 – It’s ALLIIIIIVEEEE

Let’s write a science fiction horror today! In the vein of Frankenstein, for example, we’re going to cultivate not just some scifi but also a terrifying peek into the human condition.

So in order to do that, you’re going to need a main character with an alarming character flaw — hubris, for example, if we’re rolling with Frankenstein. It should be something pretty egregious that then pushes him or her to act during the short. It should say something about who we are as a people (again, Frankenstein, “progress at all costs” is a theme) and where our values lie.

You don’t have to set it in space, science fiction is really just anything that incorporates a science not yet done or used this way. One requirement? Set it in modern day or just slightly in the future.

Need extra help? Here’s a list of options to pick from…

  • Character flaw: hubris, addict, paranoia, jealousy, spineless
  • Human Condition: polarized (politically or otherwise), need to be loved, illnesses/death, are we good or evil?
  • Sciences: time travel, creating designer-gene babies, cloning humans, raising the dead, a drug that lets you live forever

Just a reminder… For these prompts, I personally place an emphasis on film or play writing — but anything goes. Use these to fuel any creative endeavor. Feel free to review the project here.

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