Creative Writing Prompt Project: Prompt 2 – Tattoo

Just a reminder: next week is a prompt from one of YOU for me! If you’re a member of my Patron family, submit your prompt to me via Discord, email, or in a comment below by Tuesday the 28th so I can schedule it.

Just a reminder… For these prompts, I personally place an emphasis on film or play writing — but anything goes. Use these to fuel any creative endeavor. Feel free to review the project here.

Your prompt for this weekend is…

Undone, naked, Anna stood before the gentle water. She took one single step forward, dipped her toe in, backed away. It wasn’t cold – that wasn’t it. It was that, there, on her ankle, a tattoo bloomed.

But Anna never, she was sure, had a tattoo.

Use this as the beginning of your story, the middle, or the end! Who cares! As always, this is written in prose but it doesn’t need to stay that way: adapt as you wish.

Post your responses below in the comments or to our Discord by Monday & I’ll check ’em out!

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