What Would You Like to Play? | Your Questions, Day 27 of 30

What would be your favorite role to play? What kinds of roles do you really enjoy?

This changes! I don’t like playing just one thing, so I bounce around — sometimes I love playing in comedy worlds, other times I want to work on dramas. Things that come easy (that ‘girl next door’ or quirky chick kind of parts) are always fun but they aren’t really challenging. STRONG FEMALE LEAD is also an easy one for me — I have that Pelosi stare DOWN.

Pelosi threatens to withhold impeachment from Senate in exchange for incriminating her political ...
so catholic.

But I don’t think most actors really want to play the same thing over and over; it gets tired. Even quirky girl! has pretty much run its course for me.

I would love to play someone evil. Someone bad. There aren’t a lot of those written for women — especially nuanced bad: a Tony Soprano, a Walter White. That’s something I’d really love to do right now. I’d write it myself and shoot something, but while I have the general fuzzy shape of character, I don’t have much of a story. I’ve had “type photoshoot” on my Patronage goals for a long time now, but it would be a chance to play a character like that without having a whole scripted production on my shoulders. Still something I’d love to do!

So yeah — these characters are easily in my wheelhouse:

But this?

Less so.

Let’s make it so.

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