What, and How, do you Procrastinate? | Your Questions, Day 21 of 30

I’ve heard that writers procrastinate a lot. Do you? How do you find yourself putting things off?

Absolutely. Of course. My house is never as clean as it is when I’m trying to write something. I guess I productively procrastinate at least? I try not to lose too much time on social media, though wandering the digital halls of WaPo or whatever has definitely killed me before. I’m definitely planning on a social media freeze, I just have to figure out what that looks like as an actor/writer who uses those tools for her job.

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BACK TO THE TOPIC. I generally procrastinate when I’m struggling with something — as I write this, I realize: man. what a bad habit. Maybe something to work on come 2020. But if I feel bad at something, be it a role I’m having trouble with or a script that isn’t happening, I wander. Mentally. Physically.

I don’t think procrastination is inherently BAD, it can become troublesome but sometimes it IS important to allow your mind to leave this particular task. “Get up and do a lap around” is something I tell my tutoring students when they get stuck on a problem. Something I’m okay with doing myself! I think when you turn from “I need a moment” into “WOW THIS VIDEO GAME PEW PEW! oh it’s midnight.” is when you hit trouble. I try not to do that. Though lately– when I’m in between projects, that’s when I struggle. IDEAS MAN. WHO HAS EM? BECAUSE.

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