Q&A! Worrying & Writer’s Block

Queen of Ravens on YT asked: Does unconsciously worrying about what people will think of your writing make it hard to write or give you writers block?

And I’m lucky enough to say no. Mostly because I don’t care what other people think. Because I’m a jerk. And also it doesn’t really matter what other people think if I’m financing/producing the thing.

But I DO have things that get me stuck when I’m writing: is this the right path? do I need this character? why is this happening? what story is this? Basically: the big stuff is so overwhelming to me that I get totally and completely blocked. I’m still learning to chip away at things and know that in the end, I’ll have something good.

When I DO get worried about what people will think, it tends to hit me at the end of the process — when I have to start shopping my script around. That makes everything seem so much more REAL and BIG and IMPRESSIVE. People in the industry with real industry jobs are going to read my work and judge it — yikes. …but.

If I like it, and if I wrote the story I set out to write… that’s it. That’s done. Doesn’t matter what they think or say (unless it’s like, “HERE IS TEN BILLION DOLLARS, MAKE IT, I have a thought”).

So I guess that’s what this boils down to: make sure you love it the way it is. And whatever feedback you get, who cares? You’re happy.

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