Welcome! I’m Kate Hackett! Maybe you already know me from Classic AliceKate & JoeSocial Medium, Real Rob, Amazon’s Not a Plan, sketches, commercials… Or maybe you just think my dog is super cute. Whatever! I am an actor in Los Angeles who also writes, creates, and produces and I would love to make MORE shows and films. I’m thrilled so many of you want to help. 

As much fun as it is to just squeeze my eyes closed & wish reeeeeally hard for a money fairy to tumble out of the sky, I’d much rather be building worlds, weaving words, and filming movies. 

When you join me, I use your generous gift to pay for headshots, web hosting, classes, workshops, festival submissions, productions, and the oodles of other ways I work really hard to get better and better at this job. No, stop, everyone can always learn and grow, I have plenty of room for improvement, hush.

Creating. World-building. Performing.

I have always wanted to be an actor and storyteller. Producing came naturally — I wanted to bring those stories I created to life — and these are all things I can do… with you!

…and one more thing. Why here. Why independently. Why not on a site like Patreon? Great question. I do have a Patreon and it’s been massively successful, but after many supporters came to me asking for a way to support ME more directly, I decided I wanted to give it to them. I’ve left the Patreon up and if you feel more secure supporting via that site, great! But if you would like to have a more direct hand in my world, I would love to invite you here. I use WooCommerce’s security laden service and am powered by trusted payment companies like Stripe and PayPal. You’re in great hands, wherever you join me!