Covid-19 Perks

I’m opening up my Discord for some ideas today. Come pop by and give your thoughts: No discord? No problem. Leave a comment here! (but discord sure is fun!) I was thinking maybe releasing a writing prompt once a week for Patrons, letting you journal it out & share (or just reflect) in comments […]

Fighting Your Insurance

This is not industry-related at all but I’ve had a fair few questions about how I fought my insurance company and won — twice — by using all my Karen energy for good. So, I figured I’d jot it down in one easy place & share the link far and wide! A lot of people […]

May 2020 Update

Please accept my apologies: this is a trash fire of a year and I have so little to share! The industry is STILL shut down and given the current riots, we aren’t going to see a reopening this week. We keep hoping next week, the week after, the week after that… and so far… I […]