Classic Alice – The Complete Series


When Alice gets a bad grade on an essay, she makes a bold decision: to live her life according to classic literature! In this quirky little web series, Alice dives into Crime & Punishment with the constant help of her friend Andrew, who records the whole thing. Each episode features about 15-20 minutes of the show.

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After receiving a bad grade on an essay, Alice Rackham (Kate Hackett) decides to live her life according to different novels. At times comic, heartbreaking, and ridiculous, Alice learns about herself and others all through reading and living classic literature. She is joined in her adventures by her filmmaking friend Andrew (Tony Noto) and roommate Cara (Elise Cantu) and together they make Classic Alice.

Join us in this instant-classic story of a girl living her life according to the classics! Whether it be your very first viewing or a rewatch, now you can own the groundbreaking digital series and watch it over and over! This bundle includes ALL Classic Alice episodes, confessionals, and mini extras. You receive one copy to download, must use within 21 days!


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