What, and How, do you Procrastinate? | Your Questions, Day 21 of 30

I’ve heard that writers procrastinate a lot. Do you? How do you find yourself putting things off? Absolutely. Of course. My house is never as clean as it is when I’m trying to write something. I guess I productively procrastinate at least? I try not to lose too much time on social media, though wandering […]

Have You Always Wanted to Act? | Your Questions, Day 22 of 30

Have you always known you wanted to be an actor or did you find yourself loving it later in life? I think I’ve always known — certainly at least since the day I started doing musical theater shows, much to my parents’ horror. But I also wanted to be a teacher, an astronaut, an FBI […]

My Ideal Audience | Your Questions, Day 20 of 30

Can you talk a little bit about who you write FOR? What’s your idea reader or viewer? At least 10% of the time, the answer is “me”. Notes frequently come back with “kate. who is this joke for.” and the answer to that is ALWAYS: me. So. Me! But also – I think anyone with […]

Favorite Book in Classic Alice vs Favorite Book to Adapt? | Your Questions Day 19 of 30

What was your favorite book in Classic Alice? What about your favorite book to adapt? I’ve talked in interviews about how Classic Alice had to have books that did certain things. They had to have the main character make an active choice, they had to have side characters make reasonable decisions for my side characters, […]

What are your "nerd loves"? | Your Questions, Day 18 of 30

You’re really open about being nerdy — what specifically makes you consider yourself that? First of all, I am not “cool girl nerdy”. You know how, I dunno, the last like, five years or so it’s become cool to proclaim how “dorky” you are and proceed to experience absolutely nothing even remotely dorky? No, my […]

What was Your Favorite Book as a Child? | Your Questions, Day 17 of 30

What was your favorite book growing up? Why? Lois Lenski’s Indian Captive, which was a narrative version of Mary Jemison’s real capture and life with Native Americans. I loved any book with kids living VERY different lives in very different worlds than mine. I also loved The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm, Mandy, anything […]

What's an L.A. myth that just isn't true? | Your Questions, Day 16 of 30

Los Angeles has a certain “reputation”. Are any of the myths out there untrue? I think the most aggrieving myth is the one that says everyone in Los Angeles is a moron, fake, and just looking to be famous. That has not been my experience whatsoever; in fact, almost annoyingly so because not only are […]

What are you BAD at? | Your Questions, Day 15 of 30

(Woo! Halfway through this 30 day blogging adventure. Thank you for all your questions! If you HAVE questions you’d like to ask, hit me up on Insta or Twitter @HackettKate, leave a comment below, or if you’re a Patron, send me an email!) You’ve blogged about what you’re really good at so… I’m wondering: what […]

What is giving foster kittens back like? | Your Questions, Day 14 of 30

I know you foster kittens and it seems so hard! What is it like when you have to give the fosters back? Well. First. I failed: So — yeah, it’s pretty hard. BUT. I’ve only failed once and I have had eight litters of 1-3 kittens. In fact, I had to give two back this […]

What Do Your Days Look Like? | Your Questions, Day 13 of 30

Hi Kate! I was wondering what your daily schedule looks like? As an actor and a writer, are you always on set? LULZ, no. It’s actually a real treat to get to a set, that’s like — end game. My USUAL days are a lot less exciting and a little more loose. I would actually […]