PATRON ONLY: Rough Cut Reboot

This post is locked up tight for supporters at the Beta Tier and above. I would love to have you if you aren’t a member of the team! For everyone who is, please enjoy our sketch’s rough cut. I’d love to know if you think it needs music — comment over in our Discord (no […]

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Script Preview: Reboot

Hey guys! Just a head’s up, this post is locked to Patrons above the Beta level. You’re welcome to join us by subscribing at at least the Beta Tier. I’m excited to try to start to ease back into somewhat more complex shoots, starting this month with another “Kate plays two people” shoot (which I’ve […]

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May 2021 Update

This post is locked for Patrons only. If you’re interested in joining, please visit Hi! I hope your May was lovely. Mine was! I’ve been able to really rouse myself back into the swing of recording and releasing new videos; enough so that I think I may be able to manage somewhat more complex […]