The Thread in My Writing | Your Questions, Day 2 of 30

what genre even was this.

What is the thread that connects all of your writing? What makes it uniquely you? Do you think others pick up on it?

I think my biggest strengths are natural dialogue, so I think that connects everything I’ve done so far pretty tightly. I also have a strong voice when I paint the scene.

But thematically… I really believe that people do not live in total despair and people do not live in pure comic joy. There are elements of both in everything, which was why I had SUCH a hard time deciding if Classic Alice was a comedy or a drama. I still don’t know. I think there are always going to be elements of comedy sprinkled throughout every moment of our lives. Especially the sad ones — I like reveling in the absurdity of moments. In Dog Park, the break up was real. Like, that was my break up. But it’s so fucking absurd it’s kind of funny? Even though it’s awful? I think THAT is my general thread.

…but will people pick up on that? I don’t know. I don’t know if they read or watch things and just think: oh, wow, this is real, I get this but they don’t know why. I don’t know if they connect that thread with ME in particular.

I guess that’s a question for you, really. What do you think? Do you pick up on it?

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