2 thoughts on “#FemaleFilmmakerFriday – Top Day Jobs for Actors & Writers

  1. Writing.

    The ‘other’ writing. It’s actually scarily easy to write, either as a ghost or author, if you aren’t terribly attached to the work and can grind it out and let it go. The market for decently written novels is endless, so if you have a few spare hours a day you can put them to good use. Anyone with the dedication to being an actor/writer can make it work if they want to.

    The downside is it takes 30-60 days before the money starts coming in, and most people start slow…but if you keep putting in the time, the snowball can turn into something that pays quite well.

    Voice acting.

    ACX has tens of thousands of auditions open at any given point for narration of audiobooks. A small investment in setting up a home studio can lead to a decent income recording audiobooks at home.

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